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We are now taking bookings for IACS/SAF for 2019.

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IACS Applications with £2 million of Insurance

IACS 2011David Brewster, Agricultural and Business Consultants, are providing £2 Million of Professional Indemnity Insurance for all IACS applications. Business owner, David Brewster, says, “Getting the annual IACS form filled in correctly is more important than ever, because it is used to claim the majority of the agricultural subsidy schemes”

David has many years experience of IACS filling himself and other employs other consultants who are also experienced. David adds, “With the IACS form worth so much to farmers and land owners, I believe it is important to underwrite applications with £2 million of Professional Indemnity Insurance. This ensures that the utmost is being done to secure the life line subsidy support.”

The former SAC consultant is not aware of any other consultancy firm currently offering this level of back up. David says, “If more than £2 million of cover is required, I can arrange additional insurance. Providing a comprehensive service is vital to satisfying clients”. David and his team are holding IACS clinics across Scotland. To book your place on one call 01738 553060

IACS/SFP Applications

The annual paperwork associated with IACS and SFP has become increasingly complicated, due to the growing number of subsidy schemes dependant on the annual form.

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Whole Farm Reviews

David Brewster prepares business health checks for clients who wish to improve their businesses. Grant funding is available to help with the investment of the tailoured advice to improve your business. If you wish to improve your business profitability get in touch.

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