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Positive Message for a Positive Future


Are you looking for positive advice for a positive farming future?

Do you wish your business was more profitable?

Are you looking to improve your current system?

Do you wish you had more time?

A Whole Farm Review costing only £400 can help with the answers!

A number of clients have taken advantage of the whole farm review scheme to examine their farm and enterprise mix in detail. The reviews that I have completed have given positive options for a positive future.

Every farming business is unique and the solutions to problems vary for each farm. In the same way as spreading fertiliser. The blend and application rate is different depending on the field, and what is been grown. A one size fits all method does not work.

Some of knowledge used was gained from study tours to Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Systems varied from low input/low output to high input/high output units. Farms visited include a suckler cow unit with 750 cows per man, a sheep flock weaning 300% per year and a dairy unit with ten year old cows milking 12,000 litres.

How can your business benefit from the lessons of world farming?

Whole farm reviews only cost £400 after VAT and a government grant. For more details see the attached information note. There are no additional travelling costs charged. For a farm with 400 ewes this equates to only £1 per ewe, or £8 per cow for a unit with 50 cows.  By increasing profitability by only £800, the review will double your money. What other farming investments offer this return?

For more information follow this link to the Whole Farm Review Information Sheet..

IACS/SFP Applications

The annual paperwork associated with IACS and SFP has become increasingly complicated, due to the growing number of subsidy schemes dependant on the annual form.

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Whole Farm Reviews

David Brewster prepares business health checks for clients who wish to improve their businesses. Grant funding is available to help with the investment of the tailoured advice to improve your business. If you wish to improve your business profitability get in touch.

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