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A Positive Farming Future

With Brexit round the corner, ensuring that businesses is viable is vital. This video has a number of articles which should be useful - although it was filmed a few years ago, much of the advice is still valid today.



Below are some direct links to points in the video.


A Positive Message for a Positive Future

Scotland vs New Zealand - why Scotland is better

Current Market Prices at date of meeting, November 2011

Analysis QMS Handbook 2011 (the lessons in this are still relevant today)

Top third of Producers vs Average Producers

What top farms are doing differently to be more profitable

Important Farming Business Lessons

Why Forage is important




The System for a profitable farm


The formula to a successful business


What is the minimum profit a business should have


How do we value farming investments


Opportunities for the future




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IACS/SFP Applications

The annual paperwork associated with IACS and SFP has become increasingly complicated, due to the growing number of subsidy schemes dependant on the annual form.

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Whole Farm Reviews

David Brewster prepares business health checks for clients who wish to improve their businesses. Grant funding is available to help with the investment of the tailoured advice to improve your business. If you wish to improve your business profitability get in touch.

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